Even on my worst days, I’m good.

As athletes, we tend to spend enough time as it is discounting ourselves. We could always do better on that last race, could have maybe pushed a little bit harder through that last set, maybe not given up on that last hill climb or nailed that landing in our performance. Chill out, athlete mode.

Similarly, in day to day situations we tend to think that we could have listened more attentively, not actively – waiting to jut in and add our two cents…. but rather with sincerity. Or we tend to feel like we owe something to our friends for something they do for us. It becomes a score sheet.

Just know that with sincere friendship (the foundation of any untouchable relationship) there’s no score and you owe nothing but working at fostering that relationship.

So go on and know that as long as you’re continuing to improve, you’re doing well. Life’s too short to be too serious. Just Live.


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