Sleeping in on Sunday

What you’re about to read should come as no surprise. Especially to you. We always have two choices, it’s whether or not you choose to believe that… And that’s on you.

It’s about the little things. Whether you’re going to get blitzed on the weekend, or if you’re going to stay in and practice yoga. If you’re going to ice bath, or if you’re going to ice cream. If you’re going to set that alarm for the Sunday morning early session or just sleep in. I get recovery, fear not. But when does rest, turn to rust? Here’s what I think…

Consistency is what separates great from good. Inspiration from mediocrity. Consistency is what determines a professional. And to have that dream of turning this to a reality is nothing more than consistently paving the road to success. Consistently replacing the old habits with positive change and energies that will drive you to become even more fascinating than you already are. And that’s just a consistency thing.

Build on behaviours, not the result. The consistent regime of waking up, eating, training, eating again, training again and repeating it all over helps build a fortified mindset, unshakable to even the most primal habits of our adolescent misbehaviours. And that’s just it. You will get wrapped up in what is comfortable. But know this – comfort is the breeding grounds of complacency and mediocrity. If you want to be average, you should stay comfortable. You’ll be incredible at being average. Just what they want to hear at your next audition, right?

What’s most attractive is your drive to push beyond what you know as comfortable. To have the ability to recognize your addictive personality and use it to your advantage is nothing short of awesome. When you focus on the horizon but keep your feet grounded softly in the present, you manifest a creative mastery over your passion’s, unheard of and inspirational. When you let loose however, all of that can fall to pieces. How many more times that can happen is anyone’s guess. It’s you that needs to do the reboot every time. You determine when enough is enough, no one else. So how many times are you going to keep doing this to yourself? How many times are you going to feel sorry for yourself? Can you afford to pick up the pieces even just one more time?

You have the support. A lot more than you think, too. When you cross that finish line, when you nail that audition, when you hit it out of the park… Look back and remember how many times you slept in on Sunday. 


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