See, the Trouble with Being Human….

Is that in typical society we are subject to structural confines that sometimes do not allow for the flexibility of emotional presence. We are taught in certain areas of life that it’s faux-pa to have emotion. I disagree with this theory. Emotion is what fuels life. I know this from experience. In my books and from a professional standpoint, if you can separate emotion from clouding your professional interests, there’s no problem. This past weekend was the first time in a very long time I felt actually alive from a source of inspiration other than my own hard work and training in skating. I was at an mpactdance production, and it brought me closer to inspiration than I’ve been for a long, long time.

I feel that in humans the most attractive qualities are magnified when emotion is the spark. I couldn’t imagine the performances I saw without the feeling, emotional connect and soul of each performer bleeding out onto the stage, exposed and vulnerable to the judgement of their audience. The “no fear” attitude of the choreographers laying it all on the line, again subject to our approval or not. Just amazing poise. Those folks have guts.

I’m especially inspired by one individual. It’s actually quite powerful, as I feel as though what I have learned from her is also making me a better communicator of my message, which for those of you that read these things… is great! I have never been so close to someone that is so incredibly focused and passionate about what they do. It’s inspiring, moving and amazingly attractive. I can’t help but be beautifully distracted.

And that, my friends is the trouble with being human.


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