Sometimes you just get it. Whether that’s with a drill you have been practicing, a theory that you have studied or another personality that walks into your life. When you get it, it just …clicks. 

I’ve set out on the quest for the Olympics to help inspire and motivate others from deep within their own confines to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily have the courage to attempt. It’s a huge undertaking. But I’m sure people that follow this story don’t always consider that I need that fire lit within every now and again too…staying focused and on point with everything from training, sleeping and nutrition can be overwhelming and at times easy to give up on. It’s a ton of ups and downs, and sometimes those downs are really hard to pick yourself up from. 

Cue inspiration. I like to define this by the intrinsic nature we all have to influence. 

Cue motivation. I like to define this by the desire to do things. 

In order to be motivated we need to find a source of inspiration. That fire in your belly… You know?

I re-lit mine last night after an absolutely amazing connection I made with someone I have become very close with. 

Here’s the gist – I’m incredibly moved by someone that is so naturally gifted in their craft, but refuses to stop there. Their perfectionism and desire to always be better than the last time they stepped out on stage is truly inspiring. The willingness to give up a life full of comfort for something so brutal on the body, mind and soul for the result of movement never feeling so good is the epitome of dedication. Sound familiar? Oh, and she just wants recognition for all the crazy amount of work she has invested into herself. 

I get that. It…clicks. I want to surround myself with the best to be better than I am now and we share that too. It was just a crazy-real connection and I’m so glad to have experienced that and put myself out there. 

Let’s see what happens. It…clicks.


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