Easy rider

My first ride ever – 70km or about 44 miles. Not bad at all. Here’s the experience. Next time I’ll GoPro it. 

Wake up 7:45 breakfast (cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chia seeds, müsli and pineapple)

8:30 – 9 bike up to Market mall to meet with Jessica and Isabelle. 

9:30 – meet at Edworthy Park with the rest of Team Kitura: Donnie, Bob and Kaylin! 

9:45 – start the ascent out of Edworthy up towards Coach Hill!

10 – 12:30 ride out and complete the Springbank Airport Loop

So after I got back, I immediately filled the tub and hopped into what was the most satisfying icebath I’ve ever had. While the tub was filling up, I had a few crackers with almond butter and some marzipan on the side. So tasty. 

After the 20′ of death in the tub, I laid down to a few episodes of Departures and a couscous-veggie Tuna bowl and peppermint herbal tea. After I shook the hypothermia, I finally napped a couple hours and feel refreshed right now. 

Holy balls guys, 70km – Easy ride. What a time! This offseason is going to be a blast. 



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