A Day in The Life

Now that it’s official, I can disclose my events of a typical day in the life of my new found (and very exciting!) lifestyle. Basically, for a synopsis, it’s sleep, eat, train, eat again, nap, eat and train again. Repeat. I can’t even describe how much I love it so far.

Here’s today

10am Wake-Up (Not typical, don’t ask about my weekend….)

10:30-11 Breakfast #1

11-12:30 Hang out and relax with Ryan over a tasty Americano, Arrested Development and a bit of a pre-lift breakfast #2/lunch #1

12:30-3 Weights (Day 1 Week 3 Leg Hypertrophy Program), 30′ spin flush and a nice relaxing steam

3:30-5 Laundry, lunch #2, meal prep for tonight and tomorrow (long grain brown rice, mixed veggies and hot chill bbq chicken!)

5:30/6 ish- 7ish Naptime

7-9 Big ride

9-9:30 Din-din

10ish, 10′ Icebath & Bed

It’s early on, I’m sure I’ll tire over the course of the season but it’s an incredible feeling knowing that I am doing this. Finally.

I can’t thank my support team enough. My mom, dad, bro and sis top the list, but then there’s my coaches, Jeff and Shannon and all my friends and extended family that are in my corner. It’s going to be a tough few years for sure, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got a team like this behind you. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more good news shortly. (just a tease.. I know..)

Thank you.

To close, please, if you can share this link around www.makeachamp.com/dasschwartz it gives me a shot at collecting more funding to be one step closer to it all.


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