It all boils down to one thing, choice. 

We are given one. You may think you’re not, but you are. It’s how you decide how to proceed. The options are there. Do you have the mindset of a mover and shaker? Choose. 

Effective today, April 1 – I have made the choice to step back on my Personal Training and Management career, in favour of pursuing my skating career full time. Yes, this is a significant financial set back, but the reward is worth so much more than a fat paycheque. 

If I go 2 days… 2 months, hell,  even 2 years down the road and decide that I want to call in sick on my dream I know damn well that I made the choice to pursue this thing full-time. By writing it here solidifies it that much more. I’m owning that choice. And on your next one you should too.

We all make choices. Hold yourself to them. Be proud, own em’.

For anyone that can please donate to my athlete fund


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