Visualize The Fiver

Deep breath. One, maybe two more. Feel your heart beat slow down. Calm. You’re ready. Eyes up, shades down though. Move to the line. One more chance, just breath. He calls “go to the start” – and you go. Left foot forward, right dug in. Slightly on the inside of course, just like in training. “Ready…” – born you respond, at the crack of the gun. Left blade first, powerful, but quick feet to get you to the 50… Then powerful long strides to carry you to the perfect corner entry. Stay hard on the left off your last right push, just like the cable pushes in training with Shannon. Drive that hip. Nose. Knees. Toes. Enter about a foot and a half from the outer paint. Apex. Build. Low. Stay low. 6 inches – chest to knee, drive that arm swing, drive that left. Drive. Build. Big exit on the slingshot and two hand swing on the backstretch. Stay low, quick tempo. Build it hard. Switch to the outer and drive hard and stay aggressive on the last corner entry. It’s yours. Build. Again. Drive. It’s getting lactic but you’re almost through to the home straight. Driving hard with both arms, full but quick extension through every stride. Every damn stride. Push. Up. Up. Up! Don’t stop pumping til the finish line. Cross it. Glasses off. Hood down, unzip. 

And breathe again. 


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