To lead by following

Oftentimes great leaders need to know when to step back and cruise from the sidelines. The need to do great things consumes even the very best, despite our mightiest efforts. Still we try. Woe is me, right?
I’m not saying to be a leader you need to give up your abilities, skills or anything of the like. I do believe (through personal experience) that some of the very best knew how to empower and inspire by following another’s lead. Perhaps that other was someone that wasn’t there yet, but one day would be on that podium.
Things clicked tonight. I was lead, and then I lead.
Surround yourself with people you aspire to be one day. Their greatness will rub off on you. Dismiss those that aren’t on your path. They’re obstacles of unwarranted negativity on your journey to great fulfillment.
And always icebath. Always.


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