Relationship: n ~ “Re-lay-shon-ship”

The most secure way of confirming that you are human.

We all have them. And if I have learned anything in the past ten days, it is that relationships will either build or break a man.
Now I’m not talking romantic relationships, well, not just. But I am addressing the deeper root of the human mind. Like, how we communicate and how we interact and how we see others. Not just what we do, but rather all that stuff beneath the surface.

I have made some deeper, beneath the surface connections with some incredible people in the past ten days. And for that, I am so grateful! Upon reflection, I hope to carry forward in a very close manner these relationships until, I’m in the ground. Genuine friendships. Romantic possibilities. Business and professional advancements. It’s all down to a science.
Here’s a simple trick to get the most out of your relationships – are you ready? It’ll blow your mind.

Treat people like people. Don’t treat them like vehicles or obstacles or irrelevancies on the path to your podium finish. You can still unmarry those that are negative sources of energy in your journey to greatness.. But take it all in. Consider the other (or another) perspective and watch your relationships blossom into real, next level kind of funk! Be open to change, be ready to own your actions and be mindful and in the present.

The most secure way of confirming that you are human.


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