The 4 keys to be the best you

Good god I’ve had a great weekend.
Incredibly reflective, but uplifting.
Any time I learn about myself, I feel compelled to share with anyone that’ll listen. I’ve made some pretty amazing connections with seriously genuine people. Here’s what this weekend taught me.

To be the best you can be you must do these 4 things
1. Figure out who you are right now! Not last year. Not last week. Not last night. Right now, who are you? If it’s anything but exactly what you want to hear, what are you going to do right now to change that to be the best you can be?
2. Humility. Learn. Grow. Just accept fault. Own the stage. If you own yourself, you’ll own anything you want.
3. Build relationships with people that inspire you. ‘Nuff said.
4. Do something crazy. Something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’ve said it before but comfort zones are breeding grounds for nothing but complacency. You want to win? Branch out and get a little weird. You might meet someone. You might rekindle a past friendship. Who knows? You could make someone’s week. They could make yours. Don’t know if you don’t try.


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