Invincible, or invisible?

You want to go out and get it, right? You have that pride. That urgency. That sauce. You are the one they look up to. Everyone comes for your word. You’re the cone of silence. They’ve entrusted in you their deepest fears, their greatest passions, their full faith. But somehow you buckle. You let your naivety get in the way of the common good. You’ve broken down walls that took months to build, destroyed hope, respect and reputation with a few swift pawn moves. Ignorance is bliss and that perfect world just happened to start to crumble before your very eyes today. All because you thought you were untouchable.
Thankfully, you still have ’em in your corner, willing to take one on the chin for you. Even after the cold shoulder you gave. Maybe it wasn’t your intention. No one means to be malicious, right? No one actually wakes up and wants to mess up another person’s day, right?
With that thought in front of mind, carry forward the notion that perception is reality. What others perceive is ultimately the truth. Don’t give them any ammo. They will take it, load it and play Russian roulette with you all day long. Only half of the message is what you deliver. The greater half is how it’s received. do you want to be invincible? Because right now you’re invisible.

I race tomorrow. Let’s just go out and skate like we can.


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