On Sacrifice

As I sit here waiting for my chicken to cook for my meals tomorrow I’m faced with a real hard career decision on the horizon.
I have a feasible shot at making qualifying times to apply to the Long Track Oval Program here in Calgary by about this time next year.
This is huge.
I will have to make some big, scary adult decisions fairly soon though that will ultimately set my course of direction.
The schedule would look like this:
Wake up 7am
At training by 9am
Train ’til noon
Go home and eat
Second session at 1 to 2
Go work a bit if I am up for it
Then train after hours for a couple hour bike ride if it’s still light out.

While it’s very exciting to have the belief of my coach, my supporters, friends and family behind me. I’m still strangely torn because in my current role I get so much fulfillment.
Ultimately, I need to keep in mind that it’s part of my 4-year plan to be the best that I can be and I need to make decisions based on that mentality.
It’s just hard to make sacrifices like this when you’re so used to another way.


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