The “Do” Factor

Every morning when you wake up commit to one thing and one thing only – rid yourself of any expectations you had for that day.

You are only responsible for how you react to any given situation. Focus on you. Forget the rest. Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to bail you out on that last rep. No one is going to haul your sorry ass over the finish line. It’s about how much you’re willing to give up in order to succeed. It’s all about how much effort you’re going to put in today. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year. Right effin’ now. What are you going to do in the next ten seconds to be better than you were the last time?

Are you scared yet?
If you are, good.
Live with a healthy fear. And I’m not talking about a fear of losing. It’s not that easy. If you only give 80% it’s simple to say you never even tried. Live with a healthy fear of not giving it your all each and every time you step out on the ice. Every time you hit the gym. Every time you feel like giving up. Every time you step on that stage. Think behaviours, not results. Don’t you dare finish strong. You need to leave it all out there and finish weak. Push beyond what you know. Push yourself outside of what’s comfortable, because comfort is nothing but the breeding grounds of plague. Nothing but creatures of complacency and excuses exist in comfort. You, my friend are an animal that needs more. Push beyond that comfort… Let’s be serious. You’re not hurt, you’re mildly uncomfortable. You’re not in pain, you have achieved a heightened level of awareness to the meaning of “sore”. And in order to soar, you’re going to have to deal with sore.
Get it together. You have one job. One job! Forget expectations, get out of what your mind knows as comfortable, and push past that tipping point. Every time you do you will get a little bit further. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. You have 10 seconds and two choices. This is what separates you as the “do” factor.


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