Top Twelve Takeaways From Today

1. Learn from everything.

2. “Failure” in it’s most conventional terms can be turned around into a big victory if you just spare the pity party and own it.

3. “It could have been a lot worse” is always back of mind, because it’s true today.

4. Ice is slippery.

5. Seconds count for a lot.

6. Focus and preparation should not be taken lightly.

7. Training with the likes of Alexandra, Alec and Gilmore still puts me in #fangirl mode.

8. Run The Jewels – “Close Your Eyes” is my warmup jam. And likely will be for a long time.

9. Not even a spill can ruin my appetite for a good bratwurst with honey mustard and some ‘kraut.

10. My mom is the best seamstress. She’ll make my suit even faster after she patches it. And I know she’s one of the only people that reads this. Hi mom!

11. LuluLemon is the bomb. Great customer service (they’re shipping me a new pair of their newest boxers since mine stopped my blade from going through my leg).

12. Learn from everything.


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