In order to win…

I really believe you need to lose.

I learned a lot from today. I had every intention to hit two personal bests today. To say I came up short is a gross understatement. But upon reflection, I’m glad it happened.

I had my first career crash in my first race, a 500m I was set on pace to skate just shy of :46 even (which would have been 3 seconds faster than my previous best 500m). I don’t know exactly what happened. I had a good clean start, but was a little rattled after the starter had to coach me into my start. Nerves got me doing into the back straight, and when I went into my final corner I felt like I was flying. It was great. I lost focus and in a split second ended up on my left side, flying towards the final corner wall. 110m away from my best 500m time, for sure. This in every sense of the word was my greatest skating career failure to date. But who’s up for conventional these days?

I stayed there, motionless for a bit. I was certain my left skate blade was in my hamstring. My right blade was definitely 4″ in the crash wall. After I got up, realized my LuluLemons and race suit stopped the blade from slicing my femoral artery, I had two choices. Sit out the 1000m race later and mope, or dust myself off, forget about it and go out to PR my 1000m. I chose the latter. Well, almost.

I didn’t quite make my Personal Best, and I’m not going to sit around making excuses. I basically came in unprepared for today and took a bail in my first race and had a poor outing on my second. Takeaway this – in times of adversity own the podium, admit your mistakes and learn from them. I don’t believe you can taste success until you know what failure feels like. I don’t want to be here again.


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