How I found my “why”

Why we do something is at the fundamental core of whether or not we find success. By that I mean it’s not the action of what we do, but rather the intrinsic motivation behind what we do that will fulfill our happiness.
Here’s how I know.
I’m a Personal Trainer by day, aspiring Olympian by… Uhhh… all other waking hours. At work, in my role as an assistant fitness manager, nutrition coach and trainer I have to wear a few hats. As a skater with my story – I keep a common theme of inspiration through living. Similar to my work role – inspiring others. The audience might change a bit, but my message stays the same. I have a passion to help others find success. I like to tap in to what is important to that person, then give them tools to work with to achieve their goals. These tools can be the gift of fitness, cleaner nutrition, strengthened willpower or even just being a good listener. I do the same with my skating. I go out against all odds, and continues to beat my old self. In doing so, I hope to help inspire even just 1 person to do what they never though was possible.
Now ask me “why?”
Simple. I wouldn’t be here without health and wellness. If I didn’t compete, play hockey, olympic lift and generally keep active I very likely could have been another statistic. Thank you, mom and dad! My why is simply knowing first hand the absolute empowerment one achieves when they find the bravery to command their own health and wellness, or overcome any obstacle for that matter. How did I come to it? Well, short of sounding cliché – it found me.
It’ll find you too if you just keep searching. Know full well that you’re here to enjoy the ride, there’s no pressure to find it tomorrow. It’ll come. You’ll know. It’ll start when you wake up smiling, breathe in the cool winter air, have more intellectual conversations with the lovelies around you, and laugh (for god sakes laughter will damn near cure Cancer) and love both yourself and those around you…. You’ll know. That’s your “why”


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