Dear 2015,

Focus on me. Skating Career. Personal Training Career. Enjoy ten good reads. Subscribe to MensHealth again. Finish my Precision Nutrition. Learn German fluently again. Get German dual citizenship. Place as Top 150 long-track skaters in Canada. See Salt Lake. Skate Salt Lake. Own a road bike. Train with incredible athletes. Surround myself in positivity. Drink more tea. Own a home. Build relationships that strengthen me. Break relationships that weaken me. Continue to PR every race this season. Finalize that divorce. Find someone that truly gets themselves, loves themselves and empowers me to do the same for myself. Make sure they have goals. Big dreams and goals for what they want out of life. Put the cell phone down. Live in the now. Eat more sushi. See a psychologist, for sports and for all that’s happened. Build my team, both at work and at play. Write more. Laugh every day. Live today. Make sure that someone I find laughs at/with me, has a really good time and enjoys random adventures across town equally as much as a deep conversation over a glass of vino. Watch all three Mighty Ducks movies again. Play hockey again. Build my YouTube channel and market my brand. Guest speak 5 lectures on my skating story and the power of mindset. Do a handstand. Learn to box. Be a better brother, son and leader and boyfriend or whatever when that happens. Listen to my friends more. Make time for me. Continue to grow. Grow always. Grow all ways.




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