Upon further examination…

Clinically it feels good to be out. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d say that, but really…maybe this whole saga has been a “blessing” (for you Christian folks out there…).

I had a really good chat today with an incredibly intelligent old friend of mine, Rob McLeod. We talked about everything. Relationships. Our parallel universe. Booster Juice vs. Jugo (i’m indifferent)… everything. Then we got to talking about how to stand out and be something special and have some sort of relevance to the community you’re trying to impact. We agree that you need to do something different and something that’ll catch the eyes and ears of the world you’re trying to entertain. But how does speed skater, new to the sport like myself remain relevant? I’m nowhere near world record times. I’m trying to watch my P’s and Q’s around the skating network. Build relationships with those that are my heroes and have dedicated their livelihoods to this mastery of the sport… but that’s just it. As athletes, we take so much time of our day to master our craft, just like an artist or a writer or a musician – not to mention those tied to the confines of the 9-5 office job. We all work. And depending on our level of engagement, we all work really hard at what we do because it’s our passion. But we all have the same amount of hours in a day, so it’s really how we prioritize the things we do that will set one a top the other in the relevance category. How do I set myself apart?

Rob and I are in similar situations with our stories and our crafts (he’s a World Record Holder for disk or “frisbee” craziness for those who don’t know…. please check him out at www.frisbeerob.com). We both need to garner attention and make a story more interesting than throwing a disk around or skating a fast lap. Everyone in our fields can do that. But who are we for real? What does Rob do on Sundays? What’s his favourite sushi place? Mike plays drums? Oh man, that’s cool! Flames fan? Sweet! Things like that connect an audience to a person. That’s where the story is. Relative to the public. I’m real.

So to continue to my original point of how where sometimes it’s really tough to see the good in a given situation, I’ve learned through the past two weeks I can now focus my energy more on where I want to be. Where my skating career needs to be and how I am going to get there. There’s many roads to travel and as a really cute girl and friend of mine once said “the road to success is like driving in the dark”. That’s really stuck with me in that you should live with the future in mind, as in the headlights can just see around the corner…. but remember to enjoy all that the present situation is offering you.

Presently, I’m being offered the opportunity to fully commit to this.

What would you do?


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