My body is so confused right now.

This whole week I was battling so much stress. Physical, emotional, psychological. You name it. I wasn’t able to skate Sunday through to Wednesday, had to move the rest of my stuff Sunday, Monday night I got to catch up with my “god brother” whom I haven’t seen in 10 years or so.. Tuesday I had SARS or something and Wednesday I usually can’t make it after work – hours don’t jive… So there’s that. A bunch of excuses, I know! But tonight I got out and ripped it up to make up for the past week.
I’m amidst a few really hard points in life right now.
Physically, I’m coming back from ITBS on my left knee. Mentally, well I’m going through separation – so try to imagine changing your perspective of everything you thought was real for the past 5 years over the course of a few weeks. Imagine your life turned upside down. I’ll write more about this later, I’m sure. It’s all still fairly fresh…

All I’m trying to do is overcome adversity. I’ve been successful so far. I’m just going to let my energy go into the ice. I’m excited to surround myself with positive, inspiring people in my life again. That makes such a difference. My work, my skating my relationships- it’s all going to get better! I am excited for December, it’s a rebuild and recharge month. Coffee dates, good conversation and a lot of technical training. Oh yeah, I kept within 39″ for all my tempos tonight.
Not bad for fresh off the shelf

Bounce, baby.


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