The mind is very interesting. We tell ourselves we can or cannot do something and whatever we verbalize, generally comes true.

For me, mindset is huge. My newly shaped life has me yearning for a trusted companion that speaks the same language as me. Literally and figuratively…(guess I should brush up on my German, huh?) almost to the point of “I can’t tell who is talking” because the mindset, attitude, passion and zest to succeed and be happy is so overwhelmingly similar. That’s what I want. That’s who I am! That’s what I do!

Do we all have some intrinsic passion for something? I have my doubts, but that is a personal dilemma, best saved for another day. Only those who breathe that passion get it. I get it.
Recently, a lot of things have been happening, all very synced… And it’s nice to think that maybe… Just maybe… If I verbalize it. Manifesto.

Make it happen.


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