Here today, gone tomorrow

It’s quite remarkable how fast things can be flipped around in your own little fantasy dream land.

Ten days ago my life had a lifeline. A safety net. Something I was going to fall back into in the event that none of what I wanted worked out. That’s key. What I wanted.
The more I’m away from it, the more I’ve found that I was trying to fill a void that had happened who knows when. Again, that’s key. I was filling a void back then.
Moving forward, I’m excited for no safety net. No rules. I’m going to focus hard on my training, focus hard on earning more money so I can put more into my skating. I want to treat that more like my life than ever as it’s all I got right now!
I have the support now. It’s too bad she’s across the pond right now… I shed the dead weight and negativity without even realizing it. Again, filling the void before all of this.
It’s amazing how something like life can take such an awesome, drastic turn for the best when you thought you had it all figured out already.
See you soon!


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