Holidays and how to fight the sweatpants

Okay, let’s face it. I’ve been a little dreary of late. I’m able to admit it. Huge life events cause that reaction oftentimes. However, life has shown me the silver lining and I’d like to chat a bit about another passion: fitness and the need to stay on top of that over the holidays!

We all love the treats of the holiday months. Be it the eggnog lattes, the gingerbread cookies or the tasty, hot chocolate… But if gone without reason, things can add up. When things add up we tend to see the sweatpants make the appearances rather than the fitted skinny’s.
Here are three pro tips to help get you past those holiday urges!

1. Moderate cheat meals each week!
That’s right! Allow for yourself or your family to splurge on the dessert, go crazy on the whipped cream on the latte or just plain old Friday night pizza night. I’m a big believer in moderation when it comes to nutrition. So treat yourself once a week if your Monday to Friday daily habits are on par. You’ll be less stressed, well rounded and more tolerable to be around if you can kick back and enjoy a nice glass of eggnog!

2. Run a mile every day!
Yup! Balanced with your regular 4-5x / week of resistance, stretching and cardio programming, adding a mile run will help to keep the excess chocolate off the waistline. Just move. It doesn’t have to be a run. It can be speed walking, rowing, cycling. Anything. Just move!

3. Goal set a tangible goal!
It’s hard to manage what you fail to track.. So maybe set something like buying a new pair of pants a size or two smaller for that New Years party…. Or working your way up to crushing a 500m sprint on the rower sub 1:50……Or maybe just getting those abs back, legs in tune and knee rehabbed for that much anticipated coffee date or welcome home ski trip catch up 😉 – something, anything – to keep the fire lit under your keister.

If you can see through one of these little tips I will bet that you have greater success coming out of the holidays not feeling like a fat kid in a candy shop. You’ll be better able to curb your temptations and feel self accountable! What a great way to start the new year off!
Giver a go!!


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