On inspiration

It comes from within. Might as well cut to the chase on this one. Being heartbroken sucks a lot. But I can’t help but feel a little bit better knowing there was absolutely nothing I could have done. We just didn’t work. No – it wasn’t even a we thing. Maybe that’s what’s so frustrating.
Being told you were only part of the plan from the get go is pretty terrible. Having someone you love and care for tell you they kinda loved the idea of you more than you… Well… I think that’s the lowest of lows.
But I will sleep well tonight.
Fresh new beginnings. Where one door slams on your face.. Another 6 tend to open so where others may lay down and take a breather.. I will push on. Good things happen for those that make them happen, not wait for them to happen. I have a plan. I will achieve.

Inspiration is defined by the intrinsic motive to do. Motivation is external. I hope my struggle of the past 7 days has inspired someone to do what they never thought possible. Just dig a little deeper. I’ve seen it first hand on my team. I am so glad to have provided that motivation. Even though it cost me a life I thought I had.
Thank you for giving me a second shot.
“If you’re not with me, you’re against me.”


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