Fuel to the Fire

Our character is simply defined by the way we react to circumstance. Two choices generally speaking; one being fleeing the situation, not dealing with the repercussions and abandoning your post. As a professional, I’m not keen on this reaction. It’s low handed, immature and selfish.

I prefer to maintain consistency regardless of circumstance. That’s the second choice. That helps to define me as a professional. I prefer to rise up to the given challenge. Abandon nothing. Anything worth it is worth the effort… And as this drags on and plays out, I see the true colours and this is just not worth the effort. I don’t want any of this back. It’s actually too bad the Holiday party isn’t two days later… Right, Pronchuk?

Ironically, a friend of mine, an incredible athlete herself told me that being an athlete and dealing with relationships can be a grind. “Most people just don’t get us.”
I’m starting to feel that this is actually just a really messed up way of setting things up for 2018. I have a clear objective and now only support in achieving it. In all the right places.

Accept that sometimes you will never find answers to all the questions. Keep moving forward. Stay low going in and slingshot yourself out of each corner. Pick up speed and come out better than when you went in. And my god, finish that last 200!
Am I scared of what lies beyond the next corner in the backstretch? Of course not. I embrace it.
You’ve only added fuel to my fire, honey.


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