Getting Back to Grateful

I’m personally sick and tired of the attitudes that cripple our positive culture in society. The grass-is-greener folks, the what’s-in-it-for-me snobs… I’m just tired of it. Whatever happened to sticking the tough stuff out… Or just carrying out a task because you can? You’re able. You’re not a victim. Just do.
But we see far too much of the opposite happening… Or I do anyways. It will be a point of mine to give back to my community. To me, it’s the greatest achievement one can be a part of. I want to show my gratitude, show my appreciation for all the folks, all the inspiration that helped me to reach my dreams. I once read that the three greatest things you can donate are your time, money and skills or talents – and I’m broke so let’s get back to being grateful and start enriching lives with our time and talents.


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