I’m a pretty well-balanced guy. Or so I like to think… Sport is full of quirky little superstitions and I am no different than the next athlete in my little ritual on training day. I want to share my training day Sunday with you today.

Wake up – 8am
Upon waking I immediately down about a litre of water with a slice of lemon, freshly squeezed and begin making a chia seed, Greek yogurt, fresh berries and müsli mix. After I eat that, I get my gear together, let our border collie, Maggle-Bomb out to her dog run. Then if I’m driving, I’ll start breakfast up. Generally, just two fried eggs on a slice of sour dough toast.. Nothing too heavy. If I’m cycling to practice, no eggs before. It weighs me down. Throw some non stim pre-workout (my favourite is Rivalus’ comple5) or G2 in my water bottle and in good to go!
Warm up – 9/9:15
I love spinning to warm up. Throw the earbuds in and get focused, hydrated and in the zone for 10 minutes. I’m really big on proper warm up tracks to help my focus and energy. We’ll get into that another time. After spinning I have a quick dynamic stretch and generally we hit the cables and slideboard to get into the patterns we use on the ice.
Ice – 10:15
I get it. Superstitions are crazy. But it’s been working. I always lay my gear out on the seat next to me, take my shoes and socks off right then left and put my compression socks, ankle kevlars and skin suit on half way – right then left. Don’t ask. It just happens! Then the blades. I double under tie my boots. It’s a thing I picked up in hockey to keep my laces tighter so I just always do it. I even do it with my shoes… Then I wrestle my arms into my skin suit and zip up, throw my toque of the day on, Oakleys and zip my Hylete performance jacket up.. Step over to the ice, and remove my guards right then left, take a shot of my G2 and start off in the glide lane.
That’s the pregame Sunday ritual!
Next time is the post game!


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