Be the Catalyst

Whether it’s business, personal or athletic my endeavours are intrinsically motivated. I would encourage you to take that type of attitude the next time you’re thinking – “Is it worth it?”
My greatest fulfillment comes from the collaboration of a greater unit – be it a team, a family, or a network of strong individuals in the workplace. Now, it’s very helpful to have a team of absolute thoroughbreds; top class individuals. However, when the team is pulling in anything but the exact same direction, a new challenge is presented. Much potential. Lack of unification. Less results.
How do we solve this dilemma?
When the team of thoroughbreds come together and pull the chariot in a unified fashion, the driver of that chariot is much better prepared to overcome adversity. They have a team, fully bought in and ready to do what it takes to pull the chariot into glory.
All we need is a catalyst to change that mindset of the team, one horse at a time.


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