Progression… Con’t

Tonight was a very big step in the right direction. As far as technical skating goes, I felt the most comfortable I ever have. Even if I wasn’t, I’m convinced that the power of the mind has a lot to do with how I perform. I left the ice confident, happy and hungry for more. My coach had a lot to do with it, actually.
Last wife session I was super frustrated with my performance. I just couldn’t lock down simple technical things such as edge control, glute activation, hip extension…etc… Basic things for me. I just felt tight. We blamed my skates. Blades probably knocked out after a spill I took 2 Sundays ago. Whatever. It was a valid excuse at the time. So, Jeff took my blades, sharpened them up, adjusted the blades and whammy, we’re in business!
Or did he do anything to them? Crazy how the mind can play tricks on you.
All that matters is that we skated great tonight, left the ice wanting more.


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