The Wonderful World of Threshold Training

Here’s a breakdown of my training regimen for today. All on a bike:
1 hour sub-aerobic
3×10′ AnT less 10 BPM/ (10′ sub-aerobic)
30′ sub-aerobic

Now what’s all this lingo?

sub-aerobic:think of this as warm up or cool down… This is where the body combines the utilization of glycogen and oxygen to convert energy to fuel you.

Aerobic: this is where the body uses oxygen to convert nutrients to fuel. Remember the Krebs cycle? Yeah, that stuff takes place here… Most often the dominant energy system in long distance exercise. This is vital for my training to maintain a very good aerobic system.

Anaerobic: this is where energy gets converted when the oxygen supply is depleted. Lactate is produced to fuel the body. You know that complete soreness you feel? That’s the muscle shutting down due to too much lactic acid; byproduct of the lactate produced. Also a super important energy system for me to maintain and train in as the longer my body can last will equal more W’s in the race column.
Now to make it more confusing, the body doesn’t rely on one or the other at given times, they just bounce in and out in order of need.
Cool hey?
So with my recent stats from a 101% VO2 max test it explains a lot about my seemingly superhuman results. My heart pumps higher volumes of oxygenated blood to fuel my muscles. So even though my heart has to pull double duty, the quality of blood may be much higher than someone else’s “normal” cardiovascular system.
My heart rate numbers look like this for today’s workout:
60′ @ 120-130 BPM
10′ @ 165-170 BPM / 10′ @ 120-130 BPM
30′ less than 130 BPM

This style increases my threshold and tolerance to resist the lactic acid burn. As soon as we increase lactic acid production by putting our body into Anaerobic threshold training we increase the amount of work the body needs to do to clear up that lactic acid. Harder working body equals higher metabolism equals more burning of fat stores. So this type of training can be super good for both weight management and the cardiovascular capacity!
Hopefully this helps with some confusion towards energy systems and also shows how my circulatory system could be considered a physiological advantage.
Now I just have to learn to skate!


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