Practice, perfect.

To be the absolute best you can is not simply about doing. It is not solely about the more time you spend honing your craft the more likely you will champion results. No. It’s much more about practicing perfection. Willingness to accept progression, but always perfect practice.

Tonight I overcame one of my personal struggles of going beyond the lactic acid build up of 6-8 laps at full speed. Wanting to quit at 4 laps. But focusing (largely due to the amazing support from my teammate, Donnie- you’re a saint, man…)
Thinking: Technique. Stay low. Hip extension. Blade control. Breathe. Arm swing. Cross, don’t reach. Push. Chest 6″ away from knees. Nose. Knees. Toes. Extend. Push. Breathe again.
So much to perfect at once.
However, even when I wanted to die… I stayed with Donnie, followed his controlled lead, focused all of my energy and gave everything I had to the ice tonight. I made sure my form was king.
And now to celebrate I sit in my bathtub, with an ice water recovery and reflect on why I am doing this.
Push beyond your boundaries, folks. You can do anything.
Hour spin tomorrow morning and a 45′ slideboard and dryland session in the afternoon. This is what I do.


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