Death by Massage Therapy

I’ve concluded that the average population doesn’t really understand what we as athletes mean by “massage therapy”. Unfortunately – most folks have been misguided into believing this part of our treatment is anything but absolute torture.
I’m here to set the record straight. After my two week anniversary of “The Adamo” which if you care to read back, I believe Adamo is Italian for the devil… I thought I was for sure going to punch a small animal in the mouth. I’m not that guy, but this treatment is just not something I wish upon even my most mortal enemies.
Well, tonight I am having trouble standing on my tippy-toes and my psoas and glutes are actually bruising. I’ve been putting so many miles on my bike, so many laps around the oval, so much compression on my body that regular treatment is a real thing now with the season starting up. I will need it.
I’m very thankful for the wonderful support I’ve received thus far from friends, family and everyone paying attention to what I’m set out to do. I now consider my financial support system of MYLIFE, Matt, Paul et al as good of friends and family as any. The reason I’m writing this again, perched in my nightly ice bath is to bring about awareness to amateur sport. Without support like this, us amateur athletes would face huge obstacles here in Canada in trying to get the proper care, maintenance and recovery treatments required to assist our training. Sadly, this becomes reality far too much.
Every time I come across another story, another athlete that needs help to become the best that they can be I will share, support and drive my following to help their cause. It’s simply not fair to have limits out of our control and I want to be a part of the movement that in essence, limits these limits. Irony.
If y’all haven’t checked her out yet, please keep your eyes and ears out for Alexandra Ianculescu. This is one of the best up and coming athletes in my circle of friends and in the nation. She is looking for funding for the exact reason I started the post, help with treatment and supplements. Here’s her link. fundraiser
Please find some time to support her. She trains too hard to miss out on any opportunity that comes her way.
I’m a huge fan and peer support helps everyone drive for success.
Thanks for listening, my legs are actually numb so I should towel up and get to sleep.
Weights tomorrow aft.


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