The Balancing Act

Today’s world can get sticky. Lots of things to do. Not enough time to do it all. Or so we lead ourselves to believe.
If you’ve ever read any of my past writings you’ll start to see I shape a lot of my thoughts over mindset and attitude. We are half the battle, and how we approach situations is the variable for a large part of the outcome. So let’s talk about three ways we can all try to stabilize our lives so as to not fall victim to the big, bad world and it’s cruel intentions.
First, accept failing.
I am still learning this. Today my ice session was terrible. I was tired, I was cranky I couldn’t seem to get anything. I’m stubborn though, and got through the technical cable corner work. But I tell you, my body was tired! Muscle cramps, poor balance and focus… You name it. That was me today. But I got through. Not a shining moment in my skating career. But you have those, where the ice wins. Accept it. Learn. Grow. I have a new ice session on Wednesday to prepare for. It doesn’t have to be a physical stumble, it can be any obstacle that can and will beat you. You will make mistakes. We are not perfect.
As Rafiki would say in regards to today – “it doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.”

Secondly, get back at it as soon as you can. Utilize and channel that energy, that frustration for the better. I went for a really good flush ride after my skating session today. I spent some personal time alone with my Mother Mother albums rockin’ my mind and just soaking up the magnificent backyard we have in the NW river valley between the Oval and Tuscany on my Trek 7.1. It was freeing.
I hit the river down by Bowmont park, dipped in for a river ice bath to cleanse my legs and low back of the terrible lactic build up I’ve accumulated over the past week… Refocused, rejuvenated and biked back up towards Tuscany. I thought today was the day I’d take on my cycling nemesis. Tuscany Hill. You know the one. Home Depot is at the bottom of this mammoth of an incline, and I’ve consistently put it off for fear of what it’s affect on my legs, lungs and mental conditioning. But today was the day. AFTER my poor performance on ice. AFTER. A grind of a week in regards to sheer volume of training. AFTER seemingly endless excuses… I cowboyed the eff up, cranked Hayloftand made Tuscany Hill look like “bling-blang, ain’t no thang!”

Lastly, find peace points and rest. Stretch, meditate, journal, read, spend quality time with loved ones, make yourself available for good deeds, smile, sleep… The list goes on. I did all of this today. Basically, to balance that wheel you need clarity. To get that, you need mindfulness. When we are so cloudy and stressed and go go go… We tend to lose focus on what matters. My next ice session will not be any better than today if I do not get quality peace points each day leading up to it. I don’t get to rest from weights tomorrow, aerobic training Tuesday… No way, Jose. I need to make time for me. And I’d encourage you to make time for you, as well.

That’s it. 3 key ingredients to a recipe for balance – be in performance or in general life. Accept failure, get over it quick and find ways to recharge the batteries of your soul. Bomfalleralla!


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