So the picture here is of my coach, Jeff Kitura and I. Mad amounts of respect, fella – this one’s to you.
This last week was ruthless in my training. Saturday through to today, anyways. Yesterday topped things off with 37.6 minutes of absolute torture known as a neuromuscular therapy session (I wouldn’t want to jade your view of what a “massage” is…). Think trigger point, active release and deep tissue amplified by 230lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal known as

the Adamo

followed by another great on ice session in the evening.. Focusing on depth and strides and edge control on the straights. I’m getting there…. Back to the “massage”…while it’s absolutely necessary for my maintenance and recovery, I have a hard time willingly recommending the average population to take this treatment up under good a conscious.
However, I have learned to trust, listen and live in the moment with eyes set on the common goal.
Most noted for me in regards to being coached. I am well aware of my ability (or inability) to let go of control. I learned that this week my coaches intentions are completely in sync with my goals of skating for Canada. It just requires patience, trust in the program design and lots of hard work. I have a severe disadvantage being that I’m a personal trainer, think I know more than I do about my exercise and periodization and ultimately this creeps up and bites me in the keister. Particularly in the form of low walks and hill sprints….(dry land conditioning is #somuchexcite!

I have to listen more.

Our communication can sometimes be altered by what we may know, what we think we know and sometimes just a general pre-existing understanding of the situations we face in similar circumstances.
When we let that all go… Then we live.
So think about your situation. Think about if you’re holding on to things that the big, bad world has been trying to subtly (or not so subtly) trying to tell you to let go of… Maybe it’s about time to just listen. The silence might be freeing.


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