Fall 2014 #dasStory Motivation Speaking Series

This is where I tell you fine folks what’s what about my story. This is where you can hear how it was for an ordinary kid growing up being told all his life he wasn’t ordinary, rising up to shut down the naysayers and doing things anyways. Things that were supposed to be a limitation. Things that weren’t meant to get done. Simple things to most, but tasks that were physically straining on a cardiac patient. This was my life. I had to shift my attitude pretty quickly in order to find my own version of success. Yes, I skate now. Yes, I have competed all of my life. Yes, these are things I was told, not only once and not only by one source, that I’d never do. Point proven? Don’t limit yourself. And especially don’t let others limit you 

No – these speaking events will not be a pity party. I’m not into that. But I feel that knowledge of my history is necessary so you understand the direction of travel moving forward. What is my vision, you ask? Well, my Fall 2014 #dasStory Motivation Speaking Series is to inform my audience of what I went through as a youngster, how it ultimately affected my family and our close family friends, how I grew up and overcame the stigma of a physical disability and how the shift in my attitude has me now driven to help inspire and coach others facing similar odds into a positive mindset. The Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton, AB was my family’s safe haven. Naturally I reached out to their organization to begin my speaking engagements, but that is just one group of individuals. I would like to branch out and tell my story to more. I feel as though most everyone would be able to take something valuable away from the story. 

Other focuses of my series will be on finding and maintaining a winning attitude, the power of “mindset” and overcoming obstacles in ones path to success.

I am very excited to put forward my words and my story to any ears that are listening. If at the end of the day I can help to inspire one person to chase their dreams or provide some hope to a family that faced similar odds as mine in our situation back in 1987 I will consider that a PR. 

For those organizations or individuals that are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Leave your name, contact information and maybe something about why you feel this would benefit your cause on my post.

Thank you very much!


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