Is failing something we need to fear?

I don’t think it is. Here’s why. In my experience, fear only escalates the stress within ones soul. Good or bad, the likelihood of said person channeling that stress into a positive direction is slim at best. Yet, we as humans feed on that pressure to achieve.
Heck, I’m okay with saying I’m facing a huge uphill battle in order to attain my dream of skating for my nation in Pyeong Chang, South Korea 2018. I’m also okay with saying that there’s a possibility that no matter how much I try, I may not make it. I’m totally okay with that though. I am firm in believing that I have already accomplished a victory in pursuing a passion as hard as I have thus far. One thing is for sure. If I don’t attempt, I will fail. Thats a certainty.
I believe progress is champion in my situation. I cannot simply focus on perfection. There’s folks that have been doing this for years, Donnie for example – my training partner has been skating 4 years. It takes a long time. I’m not going to be perfect. I am going to focus on progression every time I strap on my blades.
Again, one thing is for sure. If I don’t try I will never know how fast I can really skate.
How fast can you skate? 😉



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