On “Team play”

I like to help my community. For anyone that knows me at all this will not come as a surprise. I spend a lot of time seeking better ways of doing things and seeking areas of opportunity. This past Wednesday marked my first ice session of the season, with my coach Jeff Kitura. I like efficiency and aspiring to become highly effective at what I do, so naturally I tend to seek out those that have found success before me and model those characteristics or traits that have landed their accomplishments.
Today I stumbled upon a very powerful story I would like every one of you reading this to go and follow. Alexandra Ianculescu is a top level speed skater with some amazing talent right here in our backyard. I’ve seen this gal race and wow, she makes me want to pursue this sport hard. Truly inspiring. You can see how much she loves what she does after a few snapshots into her life via Twitter and Instagram.
While I may have a gift for the gab, my skills may play a role in hardening the theory that is getting ahead is more about “who you know” rather than what you know, or in this case how you skate… but when it becomes a limiting factor in discovery of grand talent… I intervene against my own skill set.
I’m asking you to go and read Alex’ story. She is a remarkable skater and clearly has a vision upon reading her blogs… She is currently campaigning for financials to put towards her athletic development for a quality support team around her, supplements, and other costs associated with her athletic endeavours on hope of representing Canada in the Olympics in SOKO 2018, much alike me. I can attest to hard brutal training is for this sport, and proper nutrition, supplementation and therapy goes a long long way. Please read her story and support! I don’t dig it if Alex isn’t able to compete like she should! Check it out here


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