Fear not: I come in peace

So as I sit here ready for my new Bont Vaypor boots to come out of the oven at the Olympic Oval, in Calgary… My home away from home… I’ve had a bit of time. Time to think and to listen. There’s an underground buzz, people talking, talking bout people. Notably me. I’ve been dubbed the next “longshot” – if you’re unfamiliar go read up on “Longtrack Longshot” Kevin Jagger.
While I’m not surprised or offended at all, I do want to set myself apart from that stigma.
There’s a negative connotation amongst the skating community for reasons that may or may not be amplified… Who knows… I wasn’t there. I’m just here to do my thing, communicate my story and quite honestly, skate.
If I can inspire one person to pursue something they have been putting off, or give hope to one family that might be in a similar situation to where my family was, mission accomplished.
It’s a darkhorse story. But it’s all about the journey… You coming along for the ride?


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