Roots ‘n Wings

I have had a great time over the past 10 days. Vacation can mean so much to so many. This time I have been able to physically recharge, establish a deeper connection with myself and in turn – revitalize my relationships.
I will take a lot away from this experience – funny how the beach, ocean and beautiful landscape – such a change from my norm can produce such outward thinking. This is my refresh.

I want to make an effort to re-establish trust, peace and integrity to the relationships that I may have let fallen to the wayside over the past few years. I encourage everyone to follow suit. Effort needs to be there. You can not expect to change the results of the game without making a change in the way you strategize beforehand. While it may depend on others, it starts with you.

Never have I had such a powerful connection with how strong communication skills have on daily positive living. It’s all around us. Reading, writing, speaking and perhaps the most powerful – listening.
Read a book, write a song, think critically and actually engage in meaningful conversation. Actually listen. And listen with the intent of understanding.

This should be taken however you see fit. Go for it. Pursue it.
Ex1. Make active living a part of your life. You don’t have enough time? You don’t have enough time tonotexercise.
That’s just one example. But find something you’ve been dilly-dallying about…. Try to get out more. Take your significant other out on a date just because. Try cooking a new dish. Drink more water. Try a yoga or a dance class. Read a new book. Listen to your dad. Walk your dog. Learn to play piano. Get out of your comfort zone. If you treat yourself like the person are right now, you will have a hard time growing into the person you want to be.Do something. Put an action plan together with real goals and timelines and hold yourself accountable. Make it happen, don’t wait for it to happen. Commit!


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