Fulfilled MO

Here’s a mismatch “mashup” if you will on a couple chapters of what I read yesterday and today then applied. Digest.

To say that we as humans pursue what we don’t have is an understatement of gross proportions.
FACT- you’d stop reading this if your hair caught on fire right now.
Why? Well, because the priority would be survival. Nothing would be more important than that right now.
Once survival is maintained, what’s next? Covey argues psychological well being. In that acceptance, recognition and the like take a close second place to merely physical survival! Incredible how much the people around you and the conversation and relationships can sway your attitude.
I’m living proof today.

But I bring it back to the barren wasteland that is an unfulfilled need. Our psyche demands that we pursue what we don’t have incredibly hard. And once we have it – we tend to chill a bit. Probably explains some folks and their desire to work out an insane amount for the upcoming vacation. But then what? Typically, they’re known in my profession as “start-stoppers”.
What I took from today and in closing; pump people up! Have meaningful conversation, try to understand folks and what their perspective is and be considerate. Accept others’ views. Embrace change and be open to the other side. Value difference. That difference is what will cause synergy in your relationships. Work. Personal. Doesn’t matter. And for crying out loud admit when you’re at fault. When you screw up. Just do it. It shows empathy, integrity and builds trust. If you don’t, you stand to risk breaking down those pillars that are so crucial for meaningful relationships.
Above all, continue to seek challenge. Set goals high so you don’t succumb to complacency of fulfillment. Set them high and set them often.
Now, digest.

20140618-211318-76398634.jpgThis is a picture of paradise’s otherside. Lots of meaning to contemplate. Barren wasteland of a dormant volcano. Dormant, not dead. The other side of a lush, invigorating jungle island. The empty openness characterized by fulfilled needs. Chaos. Take it as the world you see fit.


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