The 60-30-10 Principle

I am going to make a commitment to listening to understand. I feel as though I can be more consistent in practice. Just as I strive to practice perfect technical ability for skating, communication should have as much if not more dedicated rehearsal time as it is something we constantly do. Especially since my personal goals won’t matter at all if the relationships with my wife Christy, friends, family and colleagues are emotionally depleted.
Reading, writing, speaking and the most underrated – listening.
I’m currently reading a lot on empathy and communication so I will put into practice what I am learning. Just in case you notice a shift in the way our communication goes. Hopefully it’s not too much of a shift, but please advise if you notice!

This is what I will focus on:
Consideration – seek first to understand
Courage – then be understood

Next time you find yourself in an opportunity to listen in a close relationship, instead of just repeating back words or rephrasing… Try to utilize both left and right brain by identifying the issue and the feelings the person is communicating and rephrasing both back. (Of course, this may seem strange to both parties, so as Dr. Covey recommends, clear with the person your intentions to maintain a good sense of character, integrity and your intentions)

Apply this however you like:
60% body language
30% sounds made
10% words

Could words just get in the way of the message?



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