Dry land, massages from hell and moving beyond limits

Today was… Rushed. Legs are way tight. Need to break up the lactate. Had a death by massage experience in Thursday. Thanks Sara, but holy hell – 90 minutes of just unbelievable pain. And I should sleep more. Dry land conditioning, once I hauled over (28 minutes from Tuscany to Varsity on my Trek hybrid) was sweet. Here’s what we did
3 rounds of
60″ low walk
60″ jog
60″ dry skate
60″ jog
60″ skate jumps
60″ jog
60″ x-over uphill
3′ Rest
Thanks Kits! And Erin, you were great too. Good PIC. Can’t wait for ice! Should get on inlines tomorrow. Or rest? Hmm.. I still gotta fit day 3 – week 2 in…
Thanks for reading!

20140531-170624-61584946.jpg this picture is my pre game. Thanks Wifey😘 – egg n pepper face😊


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