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Ba. P.Sci + MGSO | CHEK HLC | CFP-PTS | | PN1

I keep the Canadian Music Industry INtune. 

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 Listen, if you’re a promoter of a festival and want to offer a special backstage service–or a road manager with a van full of musicians hellbent on crippling themselves–think about dropping Mike a line. 
-Alan Cross

im-no-supermanWith a focus on using functional movement to correct overuse injuries, poor posture and improve athletic conditioning, Mike Schwartz is the full-circle health coach coach of the music industry. Also a specialist in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Schwartz coaches “Accountability 101” to get you (and keep you!) on the top of your game both on and off the stage. He’s not gonna take the party away, he’ll just show you how to last the party a little longer.

I like to coach, create and influence. I host PPLSKLZ RADIO & help to inspire others to change their lives at INLIV – Full Circle Health as a Personal Trainer located in the heart of the East Village in Calgary, AB. Be sure to check out my content and if you dig it, I have a book titled “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle” coming out in the New Year… Click here to order your copy!
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